About Us

Montezuma Rimrock Water Co LLC (MRWC) was established in 2003.  MRWC took
ownership of a beleaguered water system run by a property owners association (POA)
in 2005.  Faced with the challenges of ageing infrastructure, rapid growth and
increasing regulatory oversight, the POA chose to relieve the volunteer board of the
water system.

In the eleven years since MRWC took ownership, the system has been operated by an
experienced water professional.  MRWC implemented a new billing system, established
a staffed office, met the obligations of regulatory agencies such as ADEQ and ACC,
repaired or replaced most pumping equipment and storage tanks, met the demands of
rapid growth of new homes and business.  MRWC established new programs critical to
the safe operation on the system such as backflow and cross-connection prevention
and revamping of the chlorine disinfection procedures.  Most of all, MRWC kept a safe
reliable supply of water flowing to the customers, all without raising water rates.

MRWC faces challenges that many systems in Arizona face, including rapid growth,  
tougher water quality standards, fire protection requirements, drought, and capacity

Patricia Olsen is the owner and President of Montezuma Rimrock Water Co, LLC.  She
holds a BS in Geology from Arizona State University and is an ADEQ Grade 3 Operator
for water treatment, wastewater treatment, wastewater collection, and water distribution.
She was a Hydrologist III for the State of Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.  

Professional Services

MRWC is amenable to new partnering opportunities including; mainline extensions off
the current Rimrock system, and management/ownership of other existing or proposed
water systems.  If you could use assistance with your existing system or proposed
development, contact Patricia Olsen at 928-592-9211 or send an e-mail to
About Us